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Title: SES URL's for 2.5
Thread: SES URL's for 2.5
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User: tonyg

Hi Luis,
Was looking at your SES support feature ticket on the Trac site and
saw that you were thinking of implementing it via the config.xml file and that
the possible url formats would be one of the following:

not sure what the current status of this feature is, but it would be really
great if we could get away from using the "index.cfm/event/dothis" format.
Short of using Mod Rewrite, it seems like this is a pretty common way to format
SES urls in CF (for example, BlogCFC and Coldcourse and I think Mach-II use this
format). But I don't know -- it doesn't seem very "clean" to me to have that
"index.cfm" kicking around. (I also don't know how I feel about that "/?/" in
the url).
In Jason Sheedy's Bytespring CMS that he wrote using Model-Glue, he
was able to implement SES URLs with this format:
implemented this via the MG controller for request redirection (the "go2" could
be changed to something else in the Coldspring config). I was thinking about
looking to see if I could somehow adapt his technique to Coldbox. But it's very
possible that it can only be applied within the context of pages within his CMS
application and may not be a viable option to impement as a "framework wide"
feature (I hope this make sense). If you want to take a look, it's here:

Anyway, however the SES
feature in CB 2.5 turns out, it will be an improvement over no SES, right? I
appreciate the hard work you're putting in.