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User: bash Being a complete noob to coldbox this is probably something stupid I've done,
but can't seem to figure out.

Has anyone used the ajaxproxy from within a
thickbox window? I have no problem getting the thickbox window to load, but
encounter issues when trying to fire an ajax event within the page. Depending on
how I call the event handler I get a different error message when trying to
populate one select list based on the value of another. If I use the standard
method event=handler.action&TB_inline=... I get the following error: "The event
handler: ajaxproxy.cfc.home is not valid registered event." If I use the ses
version "/handler/action/?TB_inline=..." I get this error: "Invalid data
ajaxproxy.cfc for CFSQLTYPE CF_SQL_INTEGER."

My ajax call lokks like thsi:
// Machines
function wmt_getMachines() {
  var wc = $('#workcenter').val();
  if (wc != 0) {
   url: "ajaxproxy.cfc",
method: "station.getMachineList",
   data: {'wc':wc},
   unnamedargs: false,
serialization: "json",
   success: function(myQuery) {
  } else {
wmt_showError('You must pick a lean code');