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Oh ok, Daemach, I did not mean to offend you. From the way the question was
phrased, I just assumed you were having troubles understanding the whole "model"
idea. Now I understand your question better.

I haven't used Transfer with
Coldbox yet, but I usually have the event handler call some other CFC (the
actual model) and that CFC is the one responsible for executing queries or
stored procedures or what not. Then the event handlers takes that result and
does a SetValue() with the obtained query and then a SetView() to specify the
view to display. Then, inside the view I have a getValue() that retrieves the
query for display.

If your model returns the data in the form of other CFCs
(like beans), then the same principle applies. Use SetValue() to pass the bean
instance to the view, and GetValue() within the view to retrieve the bean for