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Thread: Using ioc plugin in viewlet event handler
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User: doryphores Luis,

Sorry to be a pain, but I found another potential problem with plugins
and the cache. As you can tell, I am very interested in the ColdBox caching
feature. :slight_smile:

I included your fix to ignore "internal" objects. However, some
internal objects don't have a timeout of 0. For example, the sessionStorage
plugin doesn't have a cachetimeout attribute so it expires.

The stange thing
is that if I call expireAll and refresh a page with a call to the session plugin
repeatedly until the cache reaper kicks in, I get the following error:
Element cboxplugin_plugin-sessionStorage is undefined in a CFML structure
referenced as part of an expression.

(from line 65 of the objectPool cfc)
See attached handler code. I ran this in an untouched application template (the
only setting I changed was the reap frequency to 1 minute). Run dspHome, then
doSomething and then repeat dspHome until error occurs.