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Thread: Debug panel output interferes with page js
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User: danfusion I just ran into another strange rendering issue with the debug panel. Again, I
was saving html output to the Event scope to pass to the view. The issue is
caused by the debug panel displaying RC snapshot output in a textarea. My page
html included another textarea and that seemed to throw the browser for a loop.
(I duplicated the error in IE, Opera and Safari.)

The easiest fix is to use
our old buddy HtmlEditFormat():
[code]<textarea rows=12 style="width:100%"
readonly="true">#replacenocase(HTMLEDITFORMAT(rc),",",chr(10) &
chr(13),"all")#</textarea>[/code] (line 164 in

For a more elegant fix (perhaps more
standard compliant? I'm not sure if text areas were supposed to hold HTML), you
could replace the textarea with a scrolling div:
style="width:100%;height:250px;overflow:scroll;">#replacenocase(rc,",",chr(10) &

These minor annoyances aside, I just got my
application (my first true ColdBox application!) deployed to a production
server. I'm really amazed at how fast the application is now with all the
caching and other production enhancements turned on. It simply flies and manages
its own overhead quite nicely. Excellent job, Luis and you other ColdBox dev