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User: tonyg Hi Sana,

In answer to your suggestions:

1: The site where I'm getting an
error is on a shared host, so I don't have access to the CF Admin

2: I don't
even have to reinit the framework. Simply refreshing the browser gets rid of the
error (I mentioned that in the first post). Keep in mind that I've only seen the
error happen very sporadically at random times (maybe once every 2 or three days
of constantly hitting the site), but still, I think we should shoot for 0%

About the coldbox.xml.cfm settings -- the test site is the "Sample
Applications" app that ships with Coldbox and I haven't touched any of the
configuration settings. You can see it yourself at:

But I can't guarantee you'll see
the error because like I said it only happens once in a while.

Thanks for the
suggestions, though. Maybe the problem is with my host.