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Title: Event caching and SES
Thread: Event caching and SES
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User: tonyg In the caching guide in the CB Docs, it says about event caching:

"Please be
aware that an event can have several unique permutations depending on the
incoming url/form parameters."

This is only true for me if I'm not using SES
urls. For example, I'm working on a site where I have a 'page' event, which
knows which page to display by passing it the page alias argument. So, with
event caching turned on and when I'm not using SES urls the following two urls
create different cache entries and the pages display fine:

However, if I turn SES
routing on, whatever page I go to first is cached and then that cache entry is
used for all subsequent requests to the 'page' event (even though the alias is
different). So, for example, both of these urls would show the same page: