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Title: Logger plugin enhancement
Thread: Logger plugin enhancement
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Conference: ColdBox
User: sparkpool Suggestion to improve the usefulness of the logger plugin:

- Add the
following simple method to the frameworkSupertype:
name="getDump" hint="Returns an html cfdump of the passed var. Supports cfdump's
'label' and 'expand' arguments." output="false" returntype="string"
    <cfargument name="var" type="any" required=true>
<cfargument name="label" type="string" default="">
    <cfargument name="expand"
type="boolean" default="1">
    <cfset var html = "">
variable="html"><cfdump var="#arguments.var#" label="#arguments.label#"
    <cfreturn html>

- In the logger plugin's tracer method, add a new argument:
<cfargument name="dumpLabel" type="string" default="">

- In that
same method, between lines 83 and 84, add this:
    arguments.message =
getDump(arguments.message, arguments.dumpLabel);

The net effect is
to allow complex values to be passed as the logger message, which then get
cfdumped in the logger output. I've found that very useful.

BTW, is there an
official way to extend the frameworkSupertype, making our own additions that
don't get lost when there's a new verions of ColdBox?