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Title: More controls for environmentalControls
Thread: More controls for environmentalControls
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User: prentice Currently, the environmental controls function only checks cgi.http_host and
looks for a match there to determine whether it should use any particular
setting. I ran into 2 situations where the current EnvironmentControl did not
provide enough controls:

1) Same server, but same app that resides in
different paths, like /user1/app and /user2/app

2) Different server, but same
server name, like localhost on one machine, and localhost on a different machine
On both instances, I needed a slightly different environment setting. The
first situation is obvious, for the second, this happened on a team where
different OS was being used, so it necessitated the need for different settings.
I like to propose a new scheme for environmental control that could address

<environment name="something">
<!-- url tag remains the same as before, and does an or search on
comma-delimited items -->
scriptname searches the cgi.scriptname and does afind on the value -->
        <!-- pathtranslated searches the
cgi.path_translated and does find on the value -->

This will
address the first situation. And it should address the 2nd one if they are
installed on different paths. Not sure how to resolve the situation when 2
computers are using the same paths though... any thoughts?