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User: neosenate Hi Sana,

Thank you for your reply. The problem with having as old
and as new is that in the brand new merged application, the
integration is going to be extremely tight.

Having said that, I really do not
want to spend a year of my life writing an application in spagetti, only to have
to go back to the beginning once it's complete and rewrite it again.

Have you
ever gone through this process before?


Rewriting an application will ALWAYS taking you more time than you would expect.

BUT start writing a new application using the ColdBox framework, will save you a lot of maintenance time in the future.

You could start documenting all the data flows etc. , so you get a good overview of the app.
You can reuse that in your new app.

If your boss want to hire new programmers in the near future, I would definitely go for a framework.