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User: sparkpool Thanks for your replay sanaullah.

[list][*]Are you saying that the ability to
have complex settings was introduced after 2.6.0 BETA 2? That's what I was
working on.

[*]Why is this using json? There are already a number of complex
settings in the factory xml. Is it to maintain compatibility with the DTD? Seem
like it might be better for the DTD to allow any well-formed content inside
MySettings, if that's possible.

[*]It looks like the xml parser plugin
methods are specific to framework and application config files. Are there tools
for reading other xml settings files? Or would I need to extend the factory
plugin for that?

[*]What do you think about the idea of plugin-specific
config files, or plugin-specific configs in general? Has anyone done anything
like that that you know of?