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Title: Pretty URLs in setNextEvent
Thread: Pretty URLs in setNextEvent
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User: cfabort I've just started using Coldbox and I'm really loving it! One thing that seemed
like a simple thing and didn't seem implemented was pretty URL support for
setNextEvent. I know this is simply aesthetic, but when all pages point to
index.cfm/some/event and suddenly, after a form submit, for example, the url is
suddenly index.cfm?event=some.otherEvent, it looks a little weird ;).

looked through the forums and through the API, and I couldn't see a setting for
enabling pretty URL support for setNextEvent. So I went in
coldbox/system/controller.cfc and found the setNextEvent method. Where the
CFlocation magic happens (lines 291 to 295 on my box), I simply changed


/#ListChangeDelims(arguments.event, '/',

There might be a better way to do this (dynamically linked to an
application setting would be nice ;)), but since I'm new to Coldbox I wasn't
sure what was available.