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Thread: So, I'm stuck...Coldbox can't find the "handlers directory"
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User: lmajano Please also make sure that you reinit the framework via the url for changes to
take effect if you moved directories around:


Also, it
says it can find your handlers directory, is it reporting the correct directory
or not? Does it exist in the right location?

If you are accessing it via
http://localhost:8080/cf/coldbox then the mapping to "coldbox.system.coldbox"
will be invalid because the url is reporting "cf.coldbox.system.coldbox". Put
it on the root of the web application. If not, you can create a coldfusion
mapping "/coldbox" pointing to where coldbox exists, physically.

However, the
samples might not work, because they expect a url location of /coldbox/samples.
To test the framework out, copy out the application template, and just try the
application template with the mapping.

Again, the easiest route is just to
drop it on the webroot where it can be accessed: