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Thread: So, I'm stuck...Coldbox can't find the "handlers directory"
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User: sanaullah73 Hi,

I just tested coldbox sample folder under jboss with /cf context root.
All I did a small addition to samples/config/colbox.xml.cfm
name="AppMapping" value="/coldbox/samples"/>
/cf/CFIDE/administrator/ then create a /coldbox mapping to coldbox folder.
Restarted jboss server, it works fine.

Here are some things which are quite
confusing for developers.
1: context-root j2ee
2: webroot web-server
3: CF

assume /cfusion this is my context-root
so then
/cfusion/CFIDE/administrator is available

next things is cf-mapping which
actually translate a path in cf application

assume /myApp map to

CF will transalte this /myApp/ into z:/sites/myApp
webroot this is related to your web server so every thing within a webroot is
accessible and path will be translated according to that.

I have attached
my jboss setup screen shot and also in jboss you can define your context-root.
simply create a jboss-web.xml then put inside WEB-INF folder