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User: Aloysius2 Thanks so much for the great advice guys!
I've updated the jvm to 6 update6 on
my dev machine and it does seem to speed up the initial page load by about 4
secs. We'll see how many more seconds can be shaved off after Java update 10
comes out of beta.

My application is actually quite simple in that it doesn't
have many custom cfcs (only 2 handlers and a helper cfc for server-side form
validation). So no other frameworks are in use besides Coldbox.

I think I'll
go with the <cfschedule> on the shared hosting server to try and keep the class
files in memory!

I've attached my config files (config.xml &
environments.xml) in case you can spot something fishy in there. Values marked
'xx' are just placeholders for sensitive info :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Aloysius