coldbox installation on a multisite iis server

I am struggling with installing CB on to our integration server (and expect to have similar problems on our test on prod servers). I had done all my development on localhost with no problems. Unfortunately, I am being asked to do admin tasks and I am not an admin guy by trade. My knowledge of IIS and deploying CF is limited and there is no one here that has greater skills than I L Having read the docs and otherwise googling, I feel I am no closer to a solution. I using CB3M5 on IIS 2008r2.

We have several sites defined in IIS, all with differing bindings. Mostly this just means a different port. The physical path to CF named CFusion is defined as X:\ Sites\CFusion with the binding http:*:80:. I created directory coldbox underneath this. I can reach the dashboard by navigating to http://localhost/coldbox/dashboard. From there, I created generated X:\ColdBoxTest application. Going back to IIS, I created a site named ColdBoxTest, pointed it to X:\ColdBoxTest and bound it to port 6333. When I navigate to http://localhost:6333/, I receive an error stating Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface coldbox.system.Coldbox. Why doesn’t my app know about CB? Do I need to create a CF mapping to it with this configuration? Is there something else I should be doing?