[ColdBox] Looking for info on converting a ModelGlue app to ColdBox

I have a couple ModelGlue apps that I’m considering moving to Coldbox. I’m looking for any tips or info from anyone who’s done this. One of my apps is very large, I’m hoping I can find a way to move them without rewriting a lot of code. I’m hoping the controllers can become handlers, this should work fairly easily if there is only a single broadcast for a given event. But when there are more than one broadcast, I’ll probably have to create a new handler method.


Hi Ryan,

Welcome aboard. I think it should be rather simple to migrate it and save you on code as well. If you are already using a well defined model you can even continue to use ColdSpring, even though we would recommend just leveraging WireBox, you will get tons of optimizations and improvements, plus using a library that is not dead.

As for the controllers, they should be simple as well if they are a single broadcast. If you are using multiple broadcast, maybe consider the interceptor approach which is a multiple broadcast event listener pattern.

Also, at that time we consolidated interactions of the request context to an EVENT object, so you should also have less code to migrate since MG also used this convention.

Let us know if you need any help.