Coldbox misunderstanding

Hi all,

I venture to time in the area with cold box. However, I do myself as extremely difficult to understand the logic behind

Until now I have navigation elements built with the help of . In “cold box” that works on the basis of events. Is my assumption correct that I must prepare for each menu item an event?

The following navigation example cfparam:

Home -> index.cfm
Test -> cmd = test index.cfm?

Show index Show testcontent

But now the whole of my vision with coldbox

Home -> index.cfm
Test -> test event = index.cfm?

<cfset event.setView(“Samples/index”)>
</ cffunction>

Can someone help me as a boost if this is the right way or have I misunderstood the whole?

LG and thank you for the hint,

Are you trying to show/hide navigation elements depending upon the “page” the user is viewing? If not, would you mind telling us what you want to do without using code?

Jason Durham

I want to display dynamic content, depending on the selected menu item.



<option value="de_DE" selected="selected">Deutsch) <option value="en_US" selected="selected">English <option value="es_SV" selected="selected">Spanish


<cfset setfwLocale(event.getValue(“locale”))>
<cfset setNextevent(‘samples’)>

If I do it as described above, it works. Now, my question was, do I need to create an event for each item?

I’m still having a hard time following. Each URI can fire 0, 1 or many events. The choice is yours. Check out one of the sample apps.

Jason Durham