Coldbox Modules Sample App?


I'm trying to learn how to use ColdBox Modules and was wondering is
there any sample app that has been created?



I also don't see the "Modules" listed in the debugging panels in the
docs. The docs show a panel that shows the modules. I've tried to
follow the docs which are helpful for understanding the concept and
showing how the folder structure should be laid out, but I must have
missed something as it seems the code I have in the modules folder is

I have the following folder structure

- myModule
    - handlers
    - views

In my top level application I have this in the Coldbox.cfc

// modules
  modules = {
  autoReload = true,
  include = []

In the advanced application template there is a forgebox module you can
use as a sample.

Thanks Curt. I see it now. Just what I needed.