ColdBox on Railo: isomorphic.smartclient.showgrids is not valid registered event.

My current understanding is the following:
- If I want to create a new ColdBox event, I just have to add a remote/
public function to a CFC in the handlers dir
- With 'handlersIndexAutoReload = true', newly added CFC functions in
the handlers dir will automagically be registered as valid events
- I don't have to deal with routes if I don't use SES URLs

Unfortunately I always receive the following error message for a newly
added CFC function.
- "The event: /railo-
event=isomorphic.smartclient.showgrids is not valid registered event."

I receive this error message despite of all my efforts: Railo stop/
start; Tomcat stop/start; reinitializing ColdBox Framework; renaming
added event: I had just read that package and CFC names should NOT
coincide ...

ColdBox functionality which should just work smoothly !


I've not seen that message before. I run ColdBox on Railo without any issues at all.

Have you tested your codebase on Adobe ColdFusion to be sure that it's a Railo related issue?


The behaviour is the same on Adobe ColdFusion 9.

But I now know what is going on: My fault; I have misinterpreted the
error message !

The actual URL in the browser address bar is:

You could do something like: setNextEvent(uri: rc._securedurl), to
have the function relocate to a link like /index.cfm...

Kind regards,


Thanks ! Using 'setNextEvent(uri: rc._securedurl)' is doing a fine
relocation job ! So the root mistake in this case was to use
'setNextEvent(rc._securedurl)'; I had probably used it because I
thought that 'rc._securedurl' contains an event ...