coldbox proxy and cfajaxproxy problem


Im trying to call the process method in the coldboxproxy.cfc, the
empty one that just has a process method, its part of the basic setup
of a coldbox site (not sure how to call this). It extends

The problem is this, the process method does not have any arguments.
And for this reason cfajaxproxy creates a javascript version also
without any arguments. It seems its not possible to do a dynamic
argument collection, or what am i doing wrong?

Anyway, the samples on the coldbox site do not work. For example on
this page:

it says:


but, this will just hang javascript, as event:'xx' is not a valid
variable declaration. I think it should have {} around it. Then it
works. but then again, the process method is generated without
arguments, so they will not be passed to the coldboxproxy.

So what i did is i changed to process method to have an event and
another structure as arguments. so i can do somethign like this:


Or, am i totally missing out on something im wondering??



That is exactly how you must use it. CFAjaxproxy actually inspects the cfc’s metdata and creates the appropriate js classes according to it. So if you use CFAjaxProxy, you MUST create your own specifc remote methods that will proxy data into the super class’ process() method. You are basically creating a remote API.

Remember that the coldboxproxy.cfc shipped with the application template is just a simple class to get you started. The idea is for you to expand on it.