Coldbox question

What is the latest Coldbox version that is compatible with Hostek hosting. That runs without error. Thanks guys

I’m not a Hostek expert or anything, but I think the main thing you want to look at is what version of ColdFusion or Lucee you are running.

According to the Git repo, ColdBox 6 is officially compatible with Adobe ColdFusion 2016 or 2018 and Lucee 5.

Speaking of shared hosting, you may want to consider running your own virtual server using something like AWS Lightsail. Getting up and running with Coldbox/Commandbox, etc is extremely easy these days and it’s quite affordable. I’ve helped a few people migrate away from shared hosts, and the consensus seems to be that having your own VPS is liberating not only from a performance standpoint but also with the flexibility it gives you.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the reply

@DaveL I found out that the version that is working for hostek is coldbox version 5.6.2
Can you guys direct me to a link for coldbox 5.6.2 sample templates for securing your site with login feature? Non orm version. thanks

Interesting. Do you know what version of ColdFusion they have assigned to your website?

CBAuth is my preferred authentication module. You’ll still need to create your login form and user service, but CBAuth does most of the heavy lifting.

I’m not familiar with any templates that include login functionality, but if you find one, please do share. You can find all of the Ortus templates here:

Edit: Quick with Auth template might have what you are looking for. It does use QuickORM though:

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Hostek is shared hosting. Orm I think is not permitted for some reason. I have one that is working using authenticator interceptor but it is in coldbox 3.

I am aware that Hostek is shared hosting. I was curious what version of ColdFusion you are using on your shared hosting plan with Hostek. If you are using anything before ColdFusion 2018, you should seriously consider upgrading as Adobe no longer provides support, patches, or security updates for prior versions.

You might want to look into using QuickORM as it’s 100% CFML-based and doesn’t require anything fancy like Hibernate, which your shared host may have disabled. Quick also works on Coldbox 4.3+

Best of luck!

I will look into it @DaveL thank you so much for your help. I love coldbox more than any any cf frameworks out there. :smile:

You’re welcome. Happy to help. :slight_smile: