ColdBox Quick Docs...

Just letting everyone know, we released the new API Quick Docs today.

It is also an open source module available in the forgebox at

Curt Gratz

Computer Know How

Well done Curt!

+1 !! Great work!


Thanks guys.

Dude! Nice One!


Just so we’re aware - does this project work with any system that was generated by ColdDoc, or is it ColdBox specific?


I think that it should, although I haven’t had a chance to test it, so if you would like to install the module and try it, that would be great. I am fairly certain it will work.


Mark, just tried it with your transfer docs and it worked like a charm, so yes, anything generated by ColdDoc should be able to be indexed and searched with this tool.



Of course now you have me wondering if I could create something similar, but just standalone as static files, generated from cold doc :slight_smile: But that is very cool. Way to push the envelope.