Coldbox Relax ApplicationHelper error

Hi everyone,

I install Coldbox Relax module to my project, but i giving the “The setting applicationHelper does not exist.” error.

AplicationHelper calling line is below

arrayAppend( controller.getSetting( “ApplicationHelper” ), “#moduleMapping#/models/mixins/textFormat.cfm” );

Modulecongif.cfc and error dump page is attached.

can you help me?


Error Occurred While Processing Request.html (20.6 KB)

ModuleConfig.cfc (5.04 KB)

What version of ColdBox?

Hi Brad,

Coldbox version is 3.1.0


16 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba 17:46:27 UTC+3 tarihinde Brad Wood yazdı:

That’s a really old version of ColdBox. You either need to get current on ColdBox, or install an older version of the module. applicationHelper used to be called UDFLibrary but was changed in Coldbox 4. You might see if this version works:

install relax@2.2.0

Hi Brad,
Thank you for your information, i want to install relax@2.2.0 but installation ending with errors.
Screen is attached.


21 Mayıs 2018 Pazartesi 19:16:36 UTC+3 tarihinde Brad Wood yazdı:


That’s an odd error. What version of Java are you running CommandBox on? Run the “info” command to find out. You may be on a really old version.

Hi Brad,

info output is attached


22 Mayıs 2018 Salı 18:46:31 UTC+3 tarihinde Brad Wood yazdı:


Dude… maximize your screen :slight_smile: The info command displays 100 chars wide, but cmd is only like 80 chars wide by default.

Based on your screenshot, you’re on Java 7. I think you know what to do at this point to fix this.

Hi Brad,

I install Relax v 2.2
now i getting following error,

Variable WIREBOX is undefined.

I install wirebox with box command line “box install wirebox”, wirebox folder is added the root directory.
relax/ModuleConfig.cfc the following lines calling error;

function preProcess( event, interceptData ) eventPattern="^relax.*"{
var DSLService = wirebox.getInstance( “DSLService@relax” );
// load the default API if none loaded
if( !DSLService.isLoadedAPI() ){
DSLService.loadAPI( controller.getConfigSettings().relax.defaultAPI );

screens attached


23 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba 18:36:43 UTC+3 tarihinde Brad Wood yazdı:


Hi Brad,

May you help me?


16 Mayıs 2018 Çarşamba 17:25:49 UTC+3 tarihinde Mahmut Çifçi yazdı:

You don’t need to install wirebox if you’re already using ColdBox. It comes bundled. I don’t know why that variable is showing as undefined. I’d check with Jon Clausen who is the maintainer of Relax