Coldbox relax error

Hi guys,
I was trying to run coldbox relax on coldbox 7.x. I am getting this error. Please please help. Thanks.

What version of Adobe CF are you using? Is it compat with ColdBox 7?

I used Coldfusion 2016. I used 2021 but I got this:

@bdw429s Do you have a working coldbox relax code on coldbox 5.6?

ColdBox 7 is not compatible with Adobe ColdFusion 2016.

That’s a different error coming from your use of cbsecurity. I’m not sure that’s at all related to Relax.

I installed relax via here: Building REST APIs - ColdBox HMVC Documentation
I am using commandbox cli.

Can I remove cbsecurity modules?

If you created the rest skeleton, I believe you’re hitting a recent issue. @lmajano recently updated that app template to use cbsecurity, but it’s not configured correctly out of the box. Luis would need to clarify what’s going on.

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It make sense. I think I need clean relax skeleton

I will be updating a new 7 series version of this skeleton today. FOund serveral issues.

Templates updated. It was a bug where the config/modules where being ignored when publishing.

Thanks Luis. More power to Colbox Team!

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