coldbox SES url trick with .htaccess and apache

Just wanted to share a solution for a problem I encountered with SES
urls and Apache

Using the sample .htaccess file from

I found that a coldbox app in a subdirectory of your DocumentRoot work fine,
but if you use an alias to map in a folder which isn't actually under
your virtual host's
DocumentRoot, things don't work properly

The solution is to add a "RewriteBase /appdir" directive to the top
of .htaccess file after
RewriteEngine on


Can you elaborate on this, so I can add this to the docs?

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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my setup was like this

DocumentRoot "c:/inetpub/zac/www"
Alias /app "c:/inetpub/zac/app"

ends up pointing to


adding "RewriteBase /app" fixes the problem

If DocumentRoot was "c:/inetpub/zac" this isn't required