coldbox.system.testing.BaseHandlerTest: tests always fail when extending from it

Looking at build 3.0.0RC1, Build number: coldbox-buildID-201011081052

Attempting to extend the coldbox.system.testing.BaseHandlerTest component, and run tests, always fails with:

Application: The method $returns was not found in component (removedtoprotectheinnocent)\coldbox\system\testing\mock\web\MockController.cfc. Ensure that the method is defined, and that it is spelled correctly.
at (removedtoprotectheinnocent)\coldbox\system\testing\BaseHandlerTest.cfc: 48
at (removedtoprotectheinnocent)\mytest.cfc: 6

The fix is very simple, lines 48 and 49 of BaseHandlerTest.cfc should use the $results() method and not the, non-existent, $returns() method.

Is this a bug? Am I right to report this here? I found the ticket that was created for this functionality, but found no way to add to it (presuming only administrators can do that):–meaning-targeted-testing–not-in—


Thanks DOminic, this was reported and fixed on github. Will be out on the rc2 release.
Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Brilliant, thanks Luis. I’ll remember to search on GitHub next time :wink: