ColdBox web services from another cf web app

I apologize I just now noticed the format for posting questions that were laid out by Luis. This is for ColdBox 3.5.2 (SEEK)

Are you tryin to do soap or restful services?


Thanks for responding. I was simply trying to call/use the coldbox proxy via a simple from a different coldfusion (non-coldbox) web application, like so:

<cfinvoke webservice="[](" method="test" returnvariable="testResult"></cfinvoke>

and of course in the coldboxapp/mycbox/coldboxproxy.cfc I have:

<cffunction name="test" output="false" access="remote" returntype="any" hint="Process a remote call and return data/objects back.">
<cfset var results = "">
`<cfset results = "got remote call">`
<cfreturn results>

I kept getting error “Unable to read WSDL from URL:”

I never bothered to really think about what a CFC returns or what protocol it was using when being a asked to behave as a web service, but I gather now that it’s a SOAP request, unless you tell me otherwise.

It appears to be working correctly now and I suspect it had to do with the caching of the WSDL by coldfusion server. I am now seeing the expected results in the calling page from the remote method.

I will eventually make this a RESTful request, but this was my first stab at doing a webservice call to functionality in a coldbox app and was having a time trying to figure out why something (I thought was straightforward) was not working as expected.

Long answer for your simple question about soap vs rest, but I wanted to explain for the benefit of some other person who may one day come across a similar issue and searching the coldbox platform group postings.

Thanks again.