Coldbox Zero To Hero video

Firstly, my apologies, I am still learning all this stuff. I purchased the video Coldbox Zero to Hero and have been learning alot of good things. However, I am having a bit of a problem with cfmigration in that my version of coldbox must be newer than what is used in the video because cfmigration files are not all the same. For the most part I have figured out the differences and have been able to move forward. However, I am severely stuck right now on section:2 part 2 Base Integration Spec. When I create the BaseIntegrationSpec.cfc and change my tests files the first one, aboutTest checks ok but other two fail.

Global Bundle Exception (52 ms)

component [cfmigrations.models.MigrationService] has no function with name [setDatasource]

17: if ( ! request.keyExists( “migrationsRan” ) ) {
18: migrationService.setMigrationsDirectory( “/root/resources/database/migrations” );
19: migrationService.setDatasource( “soapbox” );
20: migrationService.runAllMigrations( “down” );
21: migrationService.runAllMigrations( “up” );

I have been working hours on this and can’t get past it and didn’t know where else to turn for help.

Additionally, is there any way to get copies of the stuff he simply pastes in, as when he created the BaseIntegrationSpec.cfc file, would save A LOT of typing!!! LOL

Thank you for your help,


I have discovered that the devdependencies in the video box.jason cfmigration is 2.0.9 and on mine it’s 3.0.7. Not sure if that helps? I have to make it past this part before I can continue, driving me crazy!

I also discovered that the reason aboutTest passed was because I forgot to change the component extends. After correcting that, all three tests fail saying that “component [cfmigrations.models.MigrationService] has no function with name [setDatasource]”. If i comment out the setDatabase in BaseIntegrationSpec.cfc I get:

Global Bundle Exception (4,020 ms)

Communications link failure The last packet successfully received from the server was 1 milliseconds ago. The last packet sent successfully to the server was 1 milliseconds ago.

function autoDiscoverGrammar() {
7: cfdbinfo( type = “Version”, name = “local.dbInfo” );
9: switch ( dbInfo.DATABASE_PRODUCTNAME ) {

this is the problem child in the BaseIntegrationSpec.cfc:

if ( ! request.keyExists( “migrationsRan” ) ) {
migrationService.setMigrationsDirectory( “/root/resources/database/migrations” );
migrationService.setDatasource( “soapbox” );
migrationService.runAllMigrations( “down” );
migrationService.runAllMigrations( “up” );
request.migrationsRan = true;
what I don’t understand is I error on MigrationService not having a setDatasource, which it doesn’t, but I don’t error on setMigrationsDirecory which MigrationService also does not have???