Coldfusion 11 license question.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use an Adobe “Standard” license with commandbox?

I ask because I have setup the license through cfconfig I do not see any errors that reject the license key, yet Coldfusion 11 is still running in developer mode. Slightly stumped and am looking for requirements of the standard license or any answers.

ColdFusion detects CommandBox as a j2ee install so a standard license won’t work. That was going to be changed for us in 2018 but it… wasn’t :confused:

If CF is coming up as developer, I’m guessing the license isn’t being applied correctly. Do a console start and watch for any log messages after the licensing service starts.

I should add, you can still use developer mode in non-production environments with no issue. You just can’t deploy a production adobe server on commandbox with their current licensing. If you were hoping to use commandbox in prod, I would encourage you to let Adobe know so they’re aware of the demand.

Thank you we will.


There is a workaround that will allow you to use CommandBox to orchestrate the server and Runwar as the servlet container, but it requires some manual work. Here are the steps:

  1. Run the Standard Installer, entering your license key along the way and making sure the auto-start option is not enabled
  2. In the directory where ACF is now installed add a symlink or virtual directory of WEB-INF, which points back to the same directory the symlink is in
  3. In your server.json file, set the app.serverHomeDirectory to the location of the ACF installation.
  4. Start the server normally and CommandBox will use the installed ACF file system as its server root.



This is still an issue in 2021.

The manual workaround given does seem to mostly work, but CFIDE isn’t quite happy. Where it would normally show the top tab bar, instead I get this error

“Object Instantiation Exception.
Class not found: com.adobe.coldfusion.entman.ProcessServer”

Most settings are still accessible, but not all of them.

Any ideas on how I can clean that up?

That’s most likely because that class doesn’t exist. entman is short for “enterprise manager” and it doesn’t exist on a standard server. My guess is CF is confused about what version it is. I don’t know if there’s a fix. The workaround you’re using is certainly not something “supported” by Adobe.

I agree with Brad. Unfortunately you may have to live without parts of the Admin if you want to deploy this way.