Coldfusion admin password

I started a new adobe coldfusion 2018 server and tried to access the coldfusion admin page. I used the default password “commandbox” and that didn’t work. I haven’t figured out a way to reset the password

That is the default password for Adobe servers on CommandBox. It’s possible you have a .cfconfig.json at play or an env var like cfconfig_adminPassword which is getting picked up when the server starts. Add --verbose to your start command and scan the output for references to CFConfig. And if you’re not using CFConfig, then I would recommend you start doing so :slight_smile:

server stop
cfconfig set adminPassword=myNewPass
server start

should set the admin pass to whatever you want.

That didn’t work, but I solved it by removing all of the server.json files and deleting .CommandBox from my user. That reset everything.

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