Coldfusion API documentation - question about correct processes

Hi everyone,

We recently used Mark Mandel’s ColdDoc to generate API documentation for our Coldfusion applications (all of which were built using ColdBox framework). Another team member used JSDoc to generate documentation for javascript files. We now plan to integrate the two into a single Coldbox app - which when run would generate both the documentations. The API documentation generated for Coldfusion files has several static HTML links (for eg, clicking a package displays all classes in the package, clicking a class displays all functions, and so on…). Would you recommend moving the generated coldfusion API documentation to Coldbox framework (i.e., the views folder)? This is more of a question about processes, as in, what’s right and what’s not? Wouldn’t that be an overkill in the name of following processes, since only static HTML links are involved?

Any pointers/help would be appreciated.


Do you need the docs to do anything like log, notify, contain dynamic output, be secured, talk to a database. If they really are just static, I’d simply leave them that way. Usually docs like that are something you just re-generate whenever they change.



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They are indeed just static files.

Thanks much for your help, Brad!