ColdFusion equivalent to Grails

Luis and group, I’m curious what your knee-jerk reaction is to this blog-- er, essay from Matt Woodward. (It’s long, so grab a cup of coffee.)

I kind of liked where he was going, but he pretty much assumed Mach II was the way to get there. I couldn’t help but think how ColdBox (and other recent projects like mockBox) could fit in to a vision like his. But then again, I think I’ve heard people say that scaffolding isn’t really anything the community needs, and I don’t understand why on earth I would want to use a command line to code ColdFusion, so maybe you guys just think he’s off his rocker. :slight_smile:



My knee-jerk reaction:

A. I wouldn't be mad at one framework to rule them all. It'd be very
exciting to have some of the best minds in the CF community working
together on a common project instead of mostly on their individual
ones. It'd reduce the functional repetitiveness and so, collectively,
more time would be spent on new things overall as opposed to things
that may be new to an individual project.

That said, nuclear disarmament may be easier than this goal. If
collaboration was the easy path, wouldn't project authors collaborate
on extending/improving existing projects rather than roll out their

B. I wouldn't use scaffolding and the command line either but, in my
ideal one framework, I wouldn't have to so it's all good. It'd be in
there because someone finds it useful but the real benefit comes from
the fact that the authors of that functionality could focus on just
developing that part as opposed to creating a whole new framework just
because they'd like that functionality to be in there.

C. We already have a Coldfusion steering committee. Now we just need
all framework authors to form a framework steering committee. :slight_smile:

D. We do have _a lot_ of frameworks. Just some that come to mind:

1. Coldbox
2. MachII
3. Fusebox
4. Fuse NG
5. FW/1
6. Quicksilver
7. CfWheels
8. Ontap
9. Farcry

Plus more.

- Gabriel

@Brad We had discussion about grails features VS coldbox feature and
all this is documented. I will share this very soon. Honestly we
always offer the most demanded and useful stuff which really make
development faster. Matt has his opinion and vision.!!!

For scaffolding (not really) but we introduced CFBuilder extension, by
which you can create handler, model etc with just few clicks.

@Dorioo Few years ago we asked framework developers about
participation and opinion.


Sana, thanks for that article. Too bad Luis didn't get his wish.

- Gabriel