ColdFusion9.0.1 CHF2 - Reference another setting in a setting

This works in CF8.0.1 but not in CF9.0.1 with or without CHF2

settings = {
    rootURL = ''
   ,reportURL = settings.rootURL & "?app_id=2837449101"

I get this error:

Element rootURL is undefined in SETTINGS.
The error occurred in D:\webroot\webapp\config\Coldbox.cfc: line 102

Running Fusion Debug I see the darn variable in

From CHF1 I can see:
83671 If named arguments with implicit structs and arrays use local
variables, it results in ‘variable is undefined’ error.
Which seems to be the error with with CHF2 no luck and it's meant to
have CHF1 in it.

Yea, this is so sucky in Adobe CF. Their implicit vars are so buggy. Try doing it in a method call and referencing something in arguments scope and it also blows up. They really need to improve their unit tests on implicit variables.

Anyways, sorry for the rant, i spent waaay to long trying to see what was wrong with my code.

I would rewrite it, you have no choice unless you move to railo

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Cheers mate, it happened to be a bit of Deprecated code anyway so it's
just forced the issue :wink: