Command box dying on cfadmin login

Commandbox 4.0.0+01015

Commandbox starts up fine but upon logging into cf admin my server dies. Trying to look at logs but cannot find anything relevant to the issue. I have checked server.log and exception.log. Has anyone else encountered this issue and are there any other logs to check or commands that can be run to help solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

What do you mean by “dies”? I’ve been using CommandBox 4 on a CF11 project for the last 6 months and the admin works fine.

Try starting your server like so:
start --debug --console

And then navigate the admin and see if any errors come up in the console output. Note, when you do a “console” start, use Ctrl-C from the CLI to stop your server.

Hey Brad,

When i said it was dying, i was referring to the box being force stopped upon logging into cf admin.

After using your advice, I was able to find that I was receiving an X Window System Error.

Thank you for all of your help,

Gary Lofrese

Gary, are you a coworker of Ian who I’m talking to right now in this thread about the exact same error:

Or is this just a huge coincidence?


Yeah, I do work with Ian.

So you guys decided to tag team the list :slight_smile:

Ha! I promise this was not intentional.

I assumed Gary’s problem was not related to mine at first, but obviously now I’m seeing that I was wrong.

Sorry to bombard you will posts like this!


Heh, no worries :slight_smile: