CommandBox 1.0.0 available now on

see: Chocolatey Software | CommandBox 1.0.0

This is really cool, Henry. Kind of ironic that it’s a package manager to install a package manager :slight_smile:

What download URL does it use to actually get CommandBox? I want to make sure it points to our redirect so we track downloads as well as make sure it still works correctly when we move our downloads to S3.


Many, many, many thanks for this note. It led me to Chocolatey.
I love that Commandbox lets me do many things “ColdBoxey”, plus some ColdFusion…
But for me Chocolatey, and now, Boxstarter fulfill a wider (Windows apps) niche, plus the openness of the repository and the ability to build my own “enterprise packages” and host them locally… well, thanks!