[CommandBox 4.1.0+01030] - AssetBag rendering scripts below closing body and HTML tags

I have recently implemented the asset-bag module (https://github.com/coldbox-modules/coldbox-asset-bag) in a project I am working on. After adding JavaScript assets to the bag and when attempting to render the footer “bag”, the script tags that are outputted are being rendered below the closing and tags, even though the call to #prc.assetBag.renderFooter()# is above them in my layout file.

Code sample from layout file:


… stuff …


The assets are being added to the bag by way of a configuration file but the gist of that code is:

assetBag.addJavascriptToFooter( “/path/to/javascript” );

It is worth noting that the CSS is being added the same way and rendered as shown above and it is working without issue.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Is there something I am missing? Thanks