[CommandBox 4.6] Object Instantiation Exception in Coldfusion 2018


I’m getting the following error when starting a site using Coldbox 2018 through Commandbox.

# Object Instantiation Exception.
Class not found: com.adobe.coldfusion.entman.ProcessServer

The error occurred in C:/CommandBox/server/61FC5E8A0B31EF9E49402544E3E06675-air_27006/adobe-2018.0.03.314033/CFIDE/adminapi/runtime.cfc: line 2278 |

I’m not experiencing this error when running on locally installed Coldfusion 2018. The only difference I can see is that the I using jre1.8.0_202 on the Commandbox version vs using embedded jre on locally installed version of CF 2108.

Any ideas? What other info can I provide?

Thanks in advance.


One other thing I noticed. The CF 2018 on CommandBox installs as a Developers Edition. There CF 2018 server that works is an Enterprise Edition. Not sure that this should make a difference.


It would appear as though you’re using the Admin API to do something with a feature that’s specific to ColdFusion Enterprise, but perhaps you haven’t added a license key to your CommandBox server? I’ve never seen that error and it’s coming from deep within CF so I’d ask Adobe to explain it :slight_smile:

Thanks. I added a license key and got the same result. Maybe a jre isse or difference between 11 and 2018. I see what I can find from Adobe.


Hi Brad. Once last test before I’m off to Adobe. Can you spin up a CF2018 server in CommandBox and run the following:

This works in CF 11 both in CommandBox and also in a locally installed CF 11 server. It also works in a locally installed CF 2018 server, but not in CF 2018 that is spun up in CommandBox.

Would just like verification that is just not me. :slight_smile:

Hope ITB is going well. Wish I had been able to attend.

Thanks in advance.