[CommandBox 4.7.0+00026] Setup guide for Azure Web Apps

I’m working on setting as a test an Azure Web App deploy to see how my site would perform.

Has anyone done this utilizing commandbox at this time?

I have a basic site set up where I copied Lucee War file contents over to the ROOT directory using the Java Tomcat template from Azure. But I would like to make it a bit more automagic if I could utilize commandbox for pulling/setting up the CFML server.

There is a startup command I can include which might get me closer to having commandbox start up and execute those command it looks like.

I’ve not done anything with Azure, but I don’t see why you couldn’t use CommandBox. You just need to to have the binary present, copy the code and config files in, and run a start command. Ideally, Azure would let you warm the servers up in some manner so CommandBox, etc is already downloaded and has run at least once on the machine.