[CommandBox 5.2.0+00280][Lucee] Datasource not being persisted on server restart

I am having an issue where after I restart the lucee server via commandbox my datasources get deleted. All other settings e.g. mail etc appear to be persisted.

I also seem to have a rogue datasource ‘Other - JDBC Driver (deprecated)’ listed there which I did not add and can not delete either.

See https://youtu.be/Nk2Bfl52Hns

Any suggestions on whats going on here?

I’d guess you have a .cfconfig json file that’s getting auto-imported on every start.

Looks like the issue originated after I installed the CFConfig addon for Commandbox. Didn’t realize it would override the web UI and fore everything via command line. I uninstalled it and it works fine now.

You don’t need to uninstall it. Just remove the cfconfig.json that has the settings you don’t want.

I can’t find that file anywhere on my Mac system including the webroot. Where is it located?

It would be in the web root by default. Easy to tell. Just do a --debug start and look for “Config Transferred” in the logs. That’s the message when CFConfig auto imports a config file.

Thanks that helped. Turns out it was in the webroot as a hidden file. Deleting it fixed the issue.