[CommandBox 5.2.1+00295] confusing text in the help for creating a model

I did
help coldbox create model

when it says

properties = “” (Enter a list of properties to generate. You can add the type via semicolon separator. Ex: firstName,age:numeric,wheels:array)

is it colon or semicolon. (Example and description don’t match)

Also is there a good place a complete newb (actually not, just a 20+ year developer monolith) can dump dumb questions re coldbox, orm etc).

Trying to get past hello world.

It’s a colon delimiter. The help is just wrong:


You could also just try it and see which works :slight_smile: All the command does is create the CFC file for you, which you can delete and recreate again to test.

If you’re looking for a place to fire off small questions, you can join this Slack team and post in the #coldbox channel.




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