CommandBox 5.5.1 Released!

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of CommandBox 5.5.1, the latest version of our CFFML package manager, REPL, and CLI tool. This release has been 6 months in the making and closed 66 tickets.

As usual, the docs have all been updated to include the latest goodness. You can read them here:

The release can be downloaded from our product page, installed via HomeBrew (on Mac), or by APT or Yum on your favorite Linux flavor.

Read our full press release including the full release notes here:


Hi Brad,
I’m Yusuf Dalbudak. I downloaded the commandbox with jre application as you directed to carry out my work about coldfusion, but I am getting an error as I have shared in the attachment. . And then, I was In Windows the command prompt was something as administrator. I offer your help on the subject
tank you.

Hi @Yusuf_Dalbudak , that line of code is deserializing your CommandBox.json file that lives in your CommandBox home. My guess is you have some invalid JSON inside of it. Can you post the contents of the file here? Deleting it will probably allow CommandBox to boot, but you will lose all your config settings.

The location of the file in question will be here:


This is the file modified when you run commands like

config set foo=bar