CommandBox CLI : Missing images

Hi Everyone,

I recently clean installed Windows 11 onto my dev machine and have noticed what I am pretty sure are some missing “images” from the commandbox cli.

Not sure if there is something I was supposed to do, other than the install : or if there is a bug;


The images are missing regardless of using PowerShell or the DOS (cmd.exe) prompt.

CommandBox: v5.5.2+00578
Windows 11: Pro, Version: 21H2, Build: 22000.795
PowerShell: 7.2.5
cmd.exe: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22000.795]

@GavinBaumanis Apologies, I’m just now seeing this. You are using the Command Bullet Train, which needs a Powerline patched font to display the prompt train correctly. There is some information on how to do this in the README. Let me know if that helps.

Wow, I totally missed this one too somehow! Grant is right, you just need to install a powerline patched font an then use the settings for your operating system’s terminal to select that font to be used.

Here is my favorite font to use.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to install a font, you can turn off the unicode characters like so:

config set modules.commandbox-bullet-train.unicode=false

Since we are talking about awesome Powerline fonts, here is my favorite to use on Windows:

Hack font:

To use the font in VS Code’s terminal, once you have the font installed, simply go to Settings > Features > Terminal and update the font:


I like the Hack font, too!
10/10 would recommend a monospaced font for reading / typing for hours on end!