commandbox & lucee do not start correctly

today, apparently after no changes, I am no longer able to use commandbox & lucee locally.

I can access lucee admin:

but not to the application (cfm/cfc).

These are the errors present in application.log: application.log · GitHub

and this is my server.json: server.json · GitHub

Anyone have any suggestions?


I don’t know what the problem is exactly, but it looks like the kind of thing that restarting the server might solve (or rebooting your machine)

Hi Chris and thanks for the reply. Unfortunately restarting doesn’t fix it, but maybe I found the problem. I keep you updated.

Ivan, can you provide more details? I don’t understand what your issue is. You said you can access the lucee admin, but not the “application (cfm/cfc)”. I don’t understand what that means. You’ve never been able to directly navigate to an application.cfm or application.cfc files directly via the browser in any CF engine. What URL are you trying to hit? What error do you get in the browser? Can you show a screenshot?

As for your application.log, the “The servlet context has already been initialized” message is a very common one that appears to be a bug in Lucee bug does not hurt anything.
The "has run into a timeout (timeout: 10 seconds) and has been stopped. " error is also pretty self explanatory. You had a long page that timed out, though it’s unclear whether that error has anything to do with your issue or whether it’s just an old error in the logs.

Hi Brad and thanks for the reply,
as i wrote to Chris earlier, maybe i found the cause of the problem. It should look like this: loop & timeout · Issue #12 · pixl8/sticker · GitHub and it has nothing to do with commandbox

thanks anyway for the support!

Glad you got it sorted.