CommandBox on M1 Monterey

Just setting up a new M1 laptop. I previously had CommandBox local dev running under Mojave, but latest OS X install of CommandBox does not seem to fire up a server - I upgraded to the latest version as the version I was running didn’t work either . Anyone successfully running on Monterey?
I couldn’t find any info on getting this set up.


Hey, Nick!

I’m curious, what exactly does “doesn’t work” mean? You said CommandBox “does not seem to fire up a server”?

My first thought is you should confirm the following:

  • You’re on the latest CommandBox - box info, compare with latest release
  • You’re using a supported Java version - box info will tell you the Java version as well. CommandBox 5.1+ supports Java 14, but Lucee won’t run on Java 14 AFAIK.

Just not enough details to go on, here. You didn’t mention what CommandBox version you are running, what Java version you’re on, what type of server you’re trying to start (ACF or Lucee, and what version), what error you get (if any), etc.

If you’re not seeing a server fire up when using server start, add the --verbose and --console flags to see more details about the server start process. This should give you more info to debug with.

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Ah OK sorry,!
Latest downloaded version (today)
I am trying to start a Lucee server

I am using the default Monerey JAVA, I tried to run the CommandBox with JAVA included but Monterey would not allow that to be run and no clear way of allowing that in Security preferences.

Thanks for the tip about flags:

First three errors (—console) are:
[ERROR] at javax.crypto.Mac.getInstance(
[ERROR] at org.jets3t.service.utils.ServiceUtils.signWithHmacSha1(

With --verbose
[INFO ] Runwar: Starting background [lucee 5.3.8+206] from: /Users/me/.CommandBox/lib/runwar-4.5.2.jar
[INFO ] Starting in background -
[ERROR] [INFO ] runwar.server: ******************************************************************************

ERROR (5.4.2+00453)

Server process returned failing exit code [1]

Info yields:
CommandBox Version: 5.4.2+00453 *

  • CommandBox Authors: Brad Wood, Luis Majano, Denny Valiant *
  • CommandBox Binary /Users/nickbatt/Downloads/box 2 *
  • CommandBox Home /Users/nickbatt/.CommandBox *
  • CFML Engine: Lucee *
  • CFML Version: stable (Gelert) *
  • Java Version: 1.8.0_281 (Oracle Corporation) *
  • Java Path: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home/bin/java *
  • OS Username me *
  • JLine Terminal org.jline.terminal.impl.PosixSysTerminal *
  • Runwar Version 4.5.2 (/Users/me/.CommandBox/lib/runwar-4.5.2.jar) *

Looks like I need to install higher version of Java, will look into how I go about that

file Ok got somewhere, I found the /bin/java inside the version with java included and gave it permissions, now I’m getting somewhere.

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Can you please include the FULL stack trace for this errror? A quick google is showing zero results about any sort of “ExceptionInInitializerError” being an known issue. I’m guessing there’s a “CAUSED BY” at the bottom of the stack trace with more info.

I’m confused what would make you think that. There’s nothing wrong with java 8 and I don’t see any error messages in your output above that says anything at all about your Java version.