CommandBox Server Time

I am having an issue with time in my commandbox servers running on my development machine. The JVM is set to UTC time. For most development it is not an issue, however occasionally it can cause an issue when, for example, now() returns a date/time +5 hours in the future.

I have tried setting this JVM arg in server.json


I also tried CFConfig settings found at Config Items - CFConfig Documentation and setting this in my .cfconfig.json file


I have verified that my Mac is set to America/New_York timezone using sudo systemsetup -gettimezone and it returns:

Time Zone: America/New_York

It may be noteworthy that the time in the CommandBox CLI is correct.

Development Setup:
MacOS Sonoma: 14.0
CommandBox CLI: v5.9.1
Java: openjdk11_jre_aarch64_mac_hotspot_jdk-11.0.22+7.1
CFEngine: Adobe 2023.0.06.330617

Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using Lucee or Adobe? I know Lucee can have several different places the time zone can be set

  • OS
  • JVM
  • server context
  • web context
  • application
  • request

So you’d need to prolly track down all those settings.

I’m using Adobe 2023 with openjdk11

As Brad said it can be set in a few different places.

I find that changing it at the OS and

cfconfig set thisTimeZone = America/New_York 

was all that was needed in my case.

Also I am sure you have but after importing the setting, you would need to box server restart for the change to take.

So, I just checked and CFConfig ONLY deals with time zones in Lucee. It does nothing with them in regards to Adobe. If ACF has a timezone settings in the admin, we need to add the code to CFConfig to set it!

@bdw429s & @Randy_Johnson
Thanks for the suggestions, I did’t realize I was setting the time zone to UTC in the application.cfc :crazy_face:


@MikeR, I have been there before :rofl: Glad you were able to figure it out.