CommandBox Service Manager with ModCFML on macOS?

I’m thinking of buying a license for the CommandBox Service Manager to run under macOS Monterey, and would like to know if this is compatible with ModCFML configurations.

All I want is for my websites to be available when I boot up without me having to go to my Sites folder and having to type “sudo box start” every time (I have to sudo to access ports 80/443).

I know I could set a cron job or daemon service with a script but I’d rather pay the CommandBox guys as I’m very grateful of what they’ve done.

p.s.: Yes, I read the documentation and indeed it is mentioned macOS support, but since I’m a CommandBox newbie I wanted to make sure that my scenario is covered.

For the most part, whether a CommandBox server is running as a script or not is orthogonal to the ModCFML support. Meaning, it doesn’t really matter how the server was started.

That said, I noticed recently while updating the service manager module that the service support didn’t seem to be working on some of the newer versions of MacOS that another Ortus person had. (I don’t have a current Mac to test on) I don’t recall what specific version we were testing on so I don’t know about Monterey specifically. I’ll have to ask around and see if someone has that version of MacOS for us to test on. Unlike Linux, where system.d seems to be very stable across versions, MacOS seems to have made small changes to init.d over time.