Commandbox: update --verbose (Commandbox v 5.9.1+00767)

Still trying to get Contentbox running. It’s an existing site, so I’m going about as manual as I can.

I discovered the “update” command, and… there might be some weirdness.

It seems that my cborm and cbstorages packages are stuck at -SNAPSHOT versions, no matter what I do.

Of course, I type “y” or “yes” at the end of the output. The next update command has the same results. So I tried the --verbose flag. The first thing I notice are the oft-repeating lines of the these packages not installed. Knowing I have definitely installed them, I try again, with the same results.

…about 158 total lines of “…is not installed”.

Not sure it matters, but wanted to bring it to the team’s attention.

Also, the cfconfig (at least) does work:

Let me know if there are any files I have that you might want to see in the Commandbox data.