[CommandBox v5.7.0] Non Critical Error When Starting Commandbox on Windows

I noticed an issue since upgrading to 5.7 where Commandbox throws an exception any time I open the Windows command prompt and type “box”. Once the exception throws, Commandbox appears to work normally anyway.


I tested launching Commandbox from VSCode, Cmder, and Windows Command Prompt, and all of them exhibit the same behavior.

I tried cleaning out the C:\Users\Henweigh.CommandBox\engine\cfml\cli\lucee-server\felix-cache\ folder, reinstalled CommandBox, but the issue remains.

ERROR: Error reloading cached bundle, removing it: C:\Users\Henweigh.CommandBox\engine\cfml\cli\lucee-server\felix-cache\bundle1
java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Users\Henweigh.CommandBox\engine\cfml\cli\lucee-server\felix-cache\bundle1\bundle.info (The system cannot find the file specified)

Here’s a pastebin of the full error:

That’s an error thrown by Apache Felix inside of Lucee. I’ve seen it over the years here and there, but have no earthly idea why it happens. It’s related to locks on the jar bundles from the other box process you have running, but for some reason it happens more often in the latest version of Lucee that I updated to in CommandBox 5.7.

I did figure out last week how to just turn off the Felix logging all together. This change is already in the 5.8.0 alpha builds. Or, you can just set the env var FELIX_LOG_LEVEL=0 in the shell before running box.

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Thanks @bdw429s. The error doesn’t impact anything from my end but I wanted to pass along the information just in case. It sounds like you know about the issue and that it’s a minor one.


Yep, here is the ticket for it BTW


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@DaveL I finally found the root cause of this. Turns out hiding the Felix errors didn’t actually fix the issue. here are the details

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Nicely done! It was obviously a difficult issue to track down.

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For sure, I only happened to notice it because I was reviewing Lucee source code and recent commits looking for clues!