CommandBox: Visual Studio Code Adobe Coldfusion Builder Extension with CommandBox

For a few days now, I’ve been having issues validating the “Server Home” path within VS Code - Adobe Coldfusion Builder Extension when the path is using a Commandbox server. Here is the full path I’m using on my end:


Is there anyone else running into a similar problem with the newly deployed VS Code Adobe Coldfusion extension? Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

Can you try pointing to just the WEB-INF? Perhaps Adobe wants you to point to the folder containing cfusion

same error. I was able to test with an Adobe Coldfusion installation and it does work fine and defaults to the “/cfusion” folder. Could it be the “.” in the “.CommandBox” path?

Hard to say, I’d reach out to Adobe and see if they can confirm the correct path or provide additional information as to why its not working. I know other people have gotten this working.